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"A Foodie’s Dream Tour”

“A day of adventure, exploring back roads of great cuisine”

“Shining Light on Sacramento’s Culinary Scene”

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“A Taste of Sacramento Bundled in a Fun Tour”

“Epicurean or Historian, Our Food Tours Have Something For You!”

“Fabulous Flavors, Great History, Wonderful Company”

“Wonderful food tour, perfect day!”

“Fun discovering new places in my own city”

“Wow! A culinary delight mixed with a historical overview”

“Local Roots Food Tours exceeded all our expectations”

“Eat great food in a fun and adventurous way”

“Farm fresh ingredients “wowed” my palate!”

“Best Walking Food Tour Hands Down”

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PostHeaderIcon 10 Fun Things You Will Experience on a Walking Food Tour

It’s all about the experience, isn’t it?

It’s the combination of so many things when you go on a tour;  whether it be the people,  the scenery, the location, the food,  the tour guide and the lessons learned,  the EXPERIENCE is what it is all about.  Our food tour guides have come up with 10 Fun Things You Will Experience on one of our Walking Food Tours. 


We only are listing our Top 10 Favorites…..but you can keep adding more with your experience.

1.  You will learn about eateries and restaurants you never knew existed or had never tried before.

2.  The silly statue or house you drive by every day but always thought it was “just a house” or “a piece of metal” will be a great piece of history you will take back home with you.

3.  Always wanted to try a “Jimmy Jammer Jalapeno Popper” but were afraid to pay money for it?  You will be sampling right off each of our tasting stop’s menus.  7 tasting locations in all!

4.  Meeting other people and making great connections with those participating in the tour….a new friend is right around the block!

5.  Precious photo op moments of beautiful architecture, scenery, delicious plated food and meeting executive chefs and eatery owners.

6.  Getting your exercise in while eating along the way.  We always make sure we are fully hydrated as well……local wines, beers and smoothies on the go!

7.  The education of particular foods and what compliments those foods……great for all those foodie nuts out there!  Who knows how to make their own sourdough starter?  You will by the end of our tour!

8.  A “hookie” day off work or from household chores……can’t get much better than a day of being outdoors, sampling awesome food (including gourmet desserts) and great company.

9.  Going behind the scenes and being treated like VIP at each location.  Reserved seating and not waiting in lines to eat! Food waiting on you to arrive.

10.  Our trained tour guide’s well rehearsed jokes that will blow your socks off or at least a good chuckle or two!

Come join us for an incredible food tour experience, we know you will be glad you did! Buy Tickets Now

PostHeaderIcon 10 Perks 4 Going on a Walking Food Tour

Walking food tours are more than just food.  They are more than just walking.  Food tours are beneficial to every single ticket purchaser and here’s the top 10 benefits in case you are considering booking a food tour for your next fun adventure!

1.  You are guided by a trained (and more than likely foodie) who has a passion for sharing inside tips, stories and history along every step of your tour.  You won’t find their knowledge in the guide books!

2.  You have the opportunity to go behind the curtain and see unique restaurants, eateries and shops that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do if you just came in for a bite.  Many times meeting personally with the executive chefs and or owners!

3.  You will be walking off many of the calories you consume.  Most food tours are at least 1.5 miles or more in distance. Eat and exercise all in one package!!

4.  You won’t get lost wandering off the beaten path roads and neighborhoods since your guide is an expert of the area.

5.  As a ticket purchaser, you will be receiving coupons for future deals and savings from the locations you will be stopping by to have tastings at.

6.  No waiting in lines.  Each location is expecting you on the tour.  Your food is ready the moment your group walks in the door!

7.  You won’t be feeling hungry by the end of the tour…….the tour tastings provide enough food for a nice lunch.

8.  You will learn so much about the city you are touring, even if you live there!

9.  You will be meeting people from all over the world on your tour.  It isn’t just locals who go on the food tours.

10.  You will be able to tell your friends all about your food tour experience, something probably many have never experienced before.

PostHeaderIcon Downtown Sacramento Walking Food Tour-Week of May 9th

Join us on a 3 hour guided culinary walking adventure that walks you through one of Northern California’s most popular destinations. Learn what continues to make Sacramento a unique and delicious city, one taste at a time.

Explore tree-lined side streets, Italianate mansions, historical neighborhood districts and great restaurants all set within a beautiful Northern Sierras backdrop. Our three-hour City of Trees Culinary & Cultural Walking Tour will let you see California’s State Capitol city in a whole new light. Get an insiders look at the can’t-miss eateries and restaurants that only the locals are lucky enough to know about-until now.

By touring the city on foot, whether a visitor or a resident of Sacramento, uncover the hidden gem restaurants and establishments that you just don’t see driving by. Get tidbits of Sacramento’s history while tasting the scrumptious foods that make Sacramento’s culinary scene a regional treasure. Our brand new walking tour led by one of our culinary tour guides; City of Trees, takes you into the heart of Sacramento’s historical neighborhoods. Learn where our state politicians and local foodies dine. You’ll taste farm fresh ingredients that inspire local chefs. Explore our beautiful mansions and their architectural history. Our tour will take you on a gastronomic adventure off the beaten path.  Tours are offered throughout the week.  Check our event calendar to see available tour dates.

Typical tastings on our tour:

  • Spring Vegetable Risotto with spring asparagus and peas paired with local wine
  • Authentic Mexican meatball soup with homemade corn tortillas
  • Organic, fresh fruit smoothie loaded with vitamins and antioxidants
  • Handmade butternut squash ravioli with mushroom Marsala sauce
  • Fresh strawberry creme eclair
  • Spinach, basil and sun-dried tomato wrap
  • Cappuccino brownie with cinnamon creme filling

PostHeaderIcon Culinary Walking Tour for Mom? Best Gift in Town!

Treat mom to a day off and out of the kitchen.   Have 7 different restaurants cook for her all in one outing!  Sound fun?  It will be.  Thank your mom (or wife!)  by giving her a Local Roots Food Tour Gift Certificate. Let her select the day she would like to be pampered and treated like VIP.  Let us do the rest!  Visit us online @ http://localrootsfoodtours.com

Our walking food tours are all about Savoring the Food we taste at 7 different locations, Learning about the history and cultural homes and neighborhoods along our easy walking path, Exploring back roads and avenues that you normally don’t slow down to enjoy and Connecting to Sacramento in ways you never thought you would.  3 hours of eating, walking, talking and a laugh or two.  Going behind the scenes to personally meet executive chefs, store owners and fun staff in our tasting locations.  You will taste and see Sacramento in a whole new way!  Our trained culinary tour guides will guide you every step of the way!  We even celebrate birthdays and anniversaries on our tours.  Visit us online to read more about what unique opportunities await you and your friends.

Advanced ticketing required for all walking food and cultural tours.  Tours call sell out in advanced.  Group sizes are limited for a more intimate experience for each ticket participant.

PostHeaderIcon Walking Food Tours Equals Group Fun!

Walking Food Tours Offer Private Group Fun

Private Food Tours- Fine Dining Group image

Local Roots Food Tours are ideal for private groups!

Do you belong to a group that looks for fun things to do in and around your community but are coming up with the same old things?  Are you traveling as a group to a city that none of you are familiar with and looking for ways to entertain each other during your visit?  Walking food and cultural tours offer an abundance of fun, food and friendships all wrapped up into one great experience.  On one of our private food and cultural tours your group will share in the same experiences as our daily public tours receives; however, you will be guided by one of our trained culinary concierges with one on one time at each local taste tasting stop.  It will be your own private party.  Private tours keep your experience intimate.  You can share all your inside jokes and nicknames with your group…..that is what makes a private tour so much fun!  Local Roots Food Tours offers many options on our private walking food and cultural tours. We cater to the following type of groups…..do you see your group listed here?

  • Corporate events
  • Office staff appreciation
  • Cooking club, book club, women or mens clubs
  • Greek organizations
  • Team-building / morale events
  • New employee / intern socials
  • Travel / family / cruise groups
  • Wedding weekend activity
  • Private cooking class/lunch with selected chef
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Field trips to private local farms/vineyards

You name it, we can probably do it. A private group tour can be tailored and customized to meet the specific needs and desires of your particular private event.


Private group tours and memorable team events can be arranged by contacting Local Roots Food Tours by calling 1-800-407-8918 or via email (Contact Us). Our group tour staff will answer all of your questions by phone or email within a 24 hour period and also check on availability and other logistics.  Discounted group rates are available, depending on size of group.

Advance bookings are required; tours dates get booked well in advance. Weekday tours are much easier to book than weekend tours.  We will do our best to accommodate any particular requirements of your private group event.

We hope to see you and your group on one of our Local Roots Food Tours this spring and summer!

PostHeaderIcon 10 Thing You Won’t Hear a Food Tour Guide Say on a Food Tour

1.   Could you be any slower walking?

2.   If you aren’t going to finish your dish, can I eat it?

3.  The next tasting you will be sampling really isn’t that great.

4.  The chef at this restaurant failed their culinary training.

5.  What were you thinking when you got dressed this morning?

6.  I hate walking and talking at the same time.

7.   Can I borrow some change from you so I can go put more money in my parking meter?

8.   Does anyone know where we are at?  I think we are lost.

9.   Are you dating anyone?  We could come back here later after the tour for a drink.

10.   This city is so lame,  I would never live here.

Walking food tours should be fun and most enjoyable.  The food tour guide could make or break your experience on a walking food tour.  Our trained food tour guides are passionate about what they do.  They love being around people,  have a passion for sharing their city with others and their expertise is in eating and entertaining.  Join us on a Local Roots Food Tour today……..you definitely won’t be hearing these 10 things on your tour!  Advanced Ticketing Required.

PostHeaderIcon Rain or Shine Walking Food Tours Gain Momentum

With all the rainy weather and the first day of spring almost over……one might be wondering what they can do outside for fun despite old man winter still sticking around to make a nuisance of himself.

If you like to eat, get to meet new people and share in some great food then you might want toconsider taking a walking food tour in your downtown area or the city you are visiting.  Walking food tours are held rain or shine and are gaining in popularity for the best activity to participate in with family and friends.  Participants are primarily inside the tasting locations and enjoy hearing all the great historical facts and stories from their tour guide.  Rain won’t take away the experience you will witness as you take a food tour.  Rain or shine, the  experience you will receive by being a food tour participant is well worth the outdoor conditions that might be hitting your area with weather.  Your food tour ticket includes food tastings such as delicious warm soup, fresh hot pasta, fresh coffee or hot tea, piping hot pizza….all to warm your body and soul and entertain your taste buds.   Bring your family, friends and anyone else who is wanting to go explore your city!  Here is a list of the top 5 items we recommend you bring along on a “rainy day” to make your walking food and cultural tour experience the best time you could have.

5 Top Items to take with you on a rainy day to a walking food tour:

1.  Raincoat and or umbrella.  Boots or waterproof shoes

2.  Bottled water

3.  A waterproof bag/back pack to keep your papers and personal belongings dry

4.  A camera -  you will still find many “kodak” moments

5.  Your sense of humor that no matter what….you will be guaranteed fun with your food tastings led by your talented food tour guide

PostHeaderIcon New SacTown Food Tour Launch Sale 50% Off!

We are officially launching our very first City of Trees Walking Food Tour a week from today. Special priced tickets are available for Tuesday March 24th. 50% off adult ticket price for one tour only! Limited space available so visit us online to book your special launch ticket today. Once tickets sell out we close our bookings. Use promotion code “LAUNCH” to receive your $30.00 Adult Ticket for the March 24th food tour. We can’t wait to welcome you and your friends to Local Roots Food Tours! Tickets: http://www.localrootsfoodtours.com or call 1-800-838-3006

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Using Trip Advisor we found Local Roots as the number 1 in things to do in Sacramento. Thought we would give it a go. Fantastic. Nate found us at the meeting point and with another group of two we ventured forth. Five stops over maybe three in a half hours all on foot at a pace anyone can manage. Amaretto French toast, Pork tacos with white rice and black beans with a Margarita, your pick of ice cream, bruschetta with roasted peaches lavender honey and buratta cheese, to finish your choice of coffee. A few words from staff of each stop added to the dishes served. Had a great time and will be going back for breakfast at Bernardo's cafe, dinner at Centros and a whiskey hamburger at Formolis.
Greg, Sacramento, CA

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