Murphys Food &  Wine Tour is receiving 5 star reviews:

“Best way to discover local restaurants and town”:  I have lived in Angels Camp for four years and have only visited a few restaurants in Murphys. Going on a food tour was the most amazing way to discover what I had been missing!
The quality of restaurants, the quality of chef’s and the quality of food and wine being offered in this charming little town is astonishing and it took the great idea of a food tour to help me realize that. Our first stop was at a restaurant called MINERAL and I have heard ALOT about it but never eaten there before and WOW! I simply can not wait to go back. The vegetarian burger was maybe one of the best things I have ever eaten. So artfully presented and getting to meet the chef was priceless. Another favorite restaurant was Alchemy who did a special dish just for us that was DELICIOUS and he paired it with a beer that was outstanding. I’m not a big beer drinker and this beer had a hint of Chai Spice which was intriguing and the food he paired it with was artful, truly. V Restaurant was another great stop where we met the young new chef and it was so amazing. He served these lamb meatballs and then talked to us about where he gets his lamb and the differences in husbandry and flavor. OUTSTANDING! I am on a limited budget so I dont get to go out much and certainly not to a fine restaurant like V and the food tour was just such a great way to discover and experience these great establishments. We went to so many incredible specialty food shops and we all enjoyed them equally as well as the restaurants. We ended the tour at one of the tasting rooms with probably one of the best reputation in town and the owner/ wife of the winemaker is a talented chef as well and she served us one of the most amazing deserts paired with one of their library wines. The winemaker/husband came by and said hello also. The tour guide was very personable and she seemed to be so passionate about the town and the tour and she really seemed to be having as good a time as us and I appreciated that. She told us local historical stories and it was the perfect amount of history. Some of the stories were amazing and interesting.
I simply can not say enough about how much I enjoyed the tour. Every single stop was such a treat and the whole day you felt like a VIP. Its incredible to have so much quality offered in such a small town and I am so glad I choose to discover it this way.  ***Candy M – Angels Camp, CA  April, 2012

“A real winner!”: The Local Roots Food Tour at Murphys, CA is truly a winner — participants get so much information including history of the town, explanation of the historic sites and buildings, wine tasting, food tastes at various of the restaurants, and a healthy stroll through the city! A great way to get acquainted with this charming area. ***MaryAnn J – Murphys, CA  April 2012

“Murphys Food & Wine Tour – Great!”: We took the Murphy’s tour on Saturday with Shelby. It was great fun. A good balance between food, wine and shopping. Shelby told us about the history of Murphy’s but we also got to know who’s who in the wine and restaurant business today. Good behind the scenes info. Loved the olive oil & balsamic vinegar store. The owners of the shops were happy to see us and treated us well. Highly recommended.   ***Kathy H, Grass Valley, CA  April 2012

“Great tour of Murphys CA”:  Today on our food tour, we got up close and personal with HUGE wild mushrooms that had been foraged that morning by this awesome chef at V Restaurant and Bar, we tasted bourbon sugar that was made by mixing sugar with the charred and caramelized insides of an oak bourbon barrel, tasted foods served off of a salt plate, then tried sour beer from Germany for the first time that is aged in oak barrels and has acidity and flavor like wine. Delicious! The best and tastiest way to spend and afternoon! This town is incredible and I highly recommend you take this tour to discover all it has to offer.   ***Shelby, Fairfiled, CA  April 2012

“Murphys Food Tour – You can’t beat the combination”: I can’t wait to bring someone on this tour! You can’t beat the combination of learning some really interesting history while eating your way through one of the cutest darn towns in the foothills. And, though the pace could never be considered fast enough to call it more than a stroll, I did get quite a few steps on my pedometer. The food was delicious and the reception at each of the stops made us feel like VIP’s. Our guide, Shelby was warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. Now for the hard part. Which place do I go back to first? ***J Soest, Angels Camp, CA  April 2012

“Could not have been more perfect”:  Thank you so much for a very enjoyable food tour last Saturday. Candace, Barbara and I had the very best time, ever,in Murphys. We agreed the food and beverages,the quality,variety, and venues, could not have been more perfect – and I’m the vegetarian in the group! Even the Harleys filling up the town added something to the experience. We returned to Val du Vino Winery, joined the wine club, and went home with nine bottles of wine. We plan to journey back down to pick our wine up every few months, which will give us the opportunity to explore the area better and have a meal at one of the great restaurants in town. We had such a great day. Thank you again for making this outing so memorable. ***K. Fergusson, Grass Valley, CA  May 2012

“Absolutely Best Tour Ever!”:  We enjoyed our tour on May 5 so much! Shelby gave us a detailed history of the town as well as background information from the stores, restaurants and wineries we visited. From touring the historic hotel where Ulysses S. Grant stayed, to tasting lamb meatballs to touring the local working winery, this tour far exceeded our expectations. We had our own docent to give us a wealth of knowledge about the food we were eating, the type of wine we were sampling and who the owners were of the places we visited. We ate so many different types of food from well known chefs. Definitely money well spent. We will be bringing our 6 grown children to visit next time. ***Janet P., Morgan Hill, CA  May 2012