My friends and I just went on the City of Trees tour offered by Local Roots Food Tours. If you are looking for something different and memorable to do in Sacramento, check this out! Each of the 5 restaurants we visited was separated by a leisurely walk, with stops along the way to hear some fun and interesting stories about the history of Sacramento. Our guide, Nate, was the best! We sat down with the chefs at each restaurant. These busy, hard-working chefs were gracious, engaging and passionate about the food they plan, prepare and present. The food is outstanding with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal, local and organic. We were so impressed by the passion of the talented chefs we met. Very inspiring! The food at each stop was beautifully presented and the flavors were amazing. This is the 2nd food tour we've experienced with Local Roots Food Tours. The Origins of Sacramento tour is outstanding as well. The tours offer a unique and wonderful way to discover new restaurants, meet local chefs, and explore Sacramento neighborhoods. We plan to return to the restaurants we visited. What a fun way to spend an afternoon. You will not go home hungry! We definitely plan to return and experience the other Local Food Roots tours.
Rebecca M, Orangevale, CA

We were greeted by our tour guide Ashley who was friendly, informative and easy to listen to and be around for almost 3 hours. She was knowledgeable and had a good rapport with all the businesses we visited. The pace was leisurely, on time and enjoyable. The food was delicious and all four members of our party were happy with the quality and selections. I am a lifelong resident of the area and learned some interesting tidbits about Sacramento that I did not know and gained information on the restaurants we visited that will make me a loyal long time customer. We had friends visiting from Oregon and they thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I would recommend this tour.
Lisa J., Sacramento, CA

Here's the buzz...Local Roots Food Tour launched their third attraction in beautiful, Nevada City! With a busy pace, You'll be visiting 8 completely diverse atmospheres all having a testimonial story and charm. While strolling through the historical N.C., Eric, your tour guide will share some of the many facts and secrets back to the 1800's. Who would believe within 30 minutes you could dine in a tent, a patio and a stone cave, all offering delicious dishes? The variety of foods introduces us to far-away cultures in the world. All of the tastings were thoughtfully selected being favorites for many visitors and regulars. Enjoy the new season of Autumn in the Foothills with a tour by Local Roots. Seconds Please?
Ricky G, Rocklin

We went on the Food Tour yesterday. Both my husband and I fully enjoyed it! The food was great, our tour guide, Lisa, was very friendly and knowledgeable, we learned things about our fabulous city that neither of us knew, got some exercise, and had lots of fun! Thank you!
Martha Crosby Robins, East Sacramento, CA

Great time with Ashley and all the wonderful tastes of Sacramento K Street! Every stop offered more tasty sensations and promises to return for the full meal deal :) These walking tours are amazing and everyone should take advantage of this excellent chance for checking our the great places we have right here in the Sacramento Valley.
Terry N., Roseville, CA

Had a wonderful time with my Mom (75 y.o.) and my son (11 y.o) on this tour. We were told it was 2 miles of walking, but it did not seem like it at all (probably because there were 6 stops for eating amazing food at the various restaurants and many other stops for seeing/hearing about the wonderful history of Sacramento). Bethany was our guide and she was great. Our tour had 8 people total which was nice. Parking can be expensive, but there are 10 hour parking meters on the streets that we learned about on the tour (one couple had gotten one of those spots). Look up: "Long-Term Meter Location Map Sacramento" on the internet to find them, and bring quarters. Wished we could have seen pasta being made at Sampinos, but otherwise, the tour was a GREAT, must-do tour. My mom, son and myself loved it. Favorites on this tour were the banana-mango smoothie at Shine, Salmon with honey, tomato caramelized glaze on top of pesto rice at Morgans, everything at Sugar and Spice, the shrimp at 524 Mexican Restaurant, and the chicken itself and the spinach pasta at Sampinos.
Jeanette Lerman, Sacramento, CA - August 2011

We just got back from an enjoyable tour with Ashley. What a delightful tour--interesting facts and good food. I liked the combinations of food offered from breakfast to iced coffee. I highly recommend this tour.
Pauline G

We recently did the History of Sacramento and Food Tour with Lesley, and had a great time! We live in Sacramento, and this was a great way to learn about restaurants that we had never tried before. We were extremely satisfied with the amount of food that was shared on this tour, much bigger portions that on other food tours we have done in other cities. We were lucky enough to be the only 2 people on the tour, and I never expected they would run a tour with just 2 people, so hat is a real plus. It was like having a private tour. Price is very reasonable, and you will not go wrong trying one of the tours by this company. Thanks Lesley, you were awesome!
Mark B, Gold River, CA

My husband had a g-r-e-a-t idea for my birthday when he arranged for him, our foodie daughter and I to take part in this very fun and informative food tour. WOW! Bethany, our guide, is smart, adorable, funny and has great people skills as well, so we were sorry to wave her goodbye when the walk was over--she left us leaning over our delicious apple tarts with creme anglaise in a stupor! We all had different 'favorites', but we all agreed that your little company is just what our city needs! I love, love LOVE eating out, and was so surprised to find that I was only familiar with 1 of the places we visited on the tour! And we will be back to all of them, at one time or another. Can't wait to hear news of your expansion!
Marsha Carvalho

My husband and I met Bethany (our tour guide) at the designated meeting place. Our first stop was Morgan’s restaurant located in the Grand Sheraton Hotel in downtown Sacramento. Bethany told us about the history of the building. Right then I knew this tour would be great. I love history, especially early California history. In Morgan’s my husband and I (we were the only ones on this tour) were served a meal that was delicious and that for me was a dinner. (I cannot eat very much so I thought I would not be able to eat anything else for the rest of the day. That did not happen.) Chef Russell Michel told us about what we were eating and how it was prepared. We then learned that everything is prepared on site and it is fresh and local. I’ll be returning to Morgan’s. We walked from establishment to establishment and learned about the old homes in this area of Sacramento. It was so enjoyable. Bethany did a wonderful job as our tour guide. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and professional. We are happy we met her and that she was our guide. Thank you Local Roots Food Tour and the participating eating and food establishments.
Lisa, Davis, CA

Using Trip Advisor we found Local Roots as the number 1 in things to do in Sacramento. Thought we would give it a go. Fantastic. Nate found us at the meeting point and with another group of two we ventured forth. Five stops over maybe three in a half hours all on foot at a pace anyone can manage. Amaretto French toast, Pork tacos with white rice and black beans with a Margarita, your pick of ice cream, bruschetta with roasted peaches lavender honey and buratta cheese, to finish your choice of coffee. A few words from staff of each stop added to the dishes served. Had a great time and will be going back for breakfast at Bernardo's cafe, dinner at Centros and a whiskey hamburger at Formolis.
Greg, Sacramento, CA

My husband and I were hosted by Bethany on a recent walking food tour in Sacramento, CA. We got to taste food at 5 different places and walked between the restaurants. Bethany pointed out architectural, historical, and cultural facts that were new to us, and we have lived in the area for almost 25 years. The food servings left us feeling very satisfied with the quality and quantity. Chefs and owners spent some time with us and answered questions. We will go back to at least two of the restaurants. It was a great way to spend a good part of a day with a nice balance of eating and walking. Don't eat much breakfast before coming.
Becky Z, Cameron Park, CA - February 2012

This was a great tour. Lisa was very knowledgeable. The pace was good and it lasted just the right amount of time. The food was good and varied. The group size was manageable. Everyone enjoyed the day and many are looking forward to future tours Local Roots is planning.
GM 2010 - "B", Northern California

I booked this tour last minute after a flight cancellation, hoping to see some interesting places. Despite the looming bad weather, things cleared up and the tour started. I attended solo but has great conversations with other tour go'ers and the guide, Lisa - who also owns the company! We visited 5 restuarants, all with amazing food choices, and got a bit of history about downtown Sacramento. I ended up going back to some places later on my own. It was a great tour and experience overall, I highly recommend any of the tours by this company! I am looking forward to attending another myself.
Lindsay Wright , Philadelphia, PA

My wife and I went on our second Local Roots Food Tour and we just love the food tour concept. There is no better way to learn about the restaurants and history of Sacramento. Our guide made it fun and she was very knowledgeable. We would never be able to take time to visit so many hot spots on our own without the direction and insight by our tour planner. Don’t plan on a big dinner the night of the tour. I was a little worried the tastings would not be enough for those of us with big appetites, but the amount of food was perfect. After meeting the restaurant owners, chefs and staff that create the delicious food, you will want to go back for more.
Rich, Grass Valley, CA

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