Lisa escorted my party on the Origins of Sacramento Tour to five wonderful local restaurants, meeting key members of each place -- chef, manager, owner. We really enjoyed her knowledge and humor as she also shared her knowledge to really long-term residents of Sacramento. The food sampling is terrific and we are already planning a local event around this tour.
SAK, Fair Oaks, CA

My wife and I went on our second Local Roots Food Tour and we just love the food tour concept. There is no better way to learn about the restaurants and history of Sacramento. Our guide made it fun and she was very knowledgeable. We would never be able to take time to visit so many hot spots on our own without the direction and insight by our tour planner. Don’t plan on a big dinner the night of the tour. I was a little worried the tastings would not be enough for those of us with big appetites, but the amount of food was perfect. After meeting the restaurant owners, chefs and staff that create the delicious food, you will want to go back for more.
Rich, Grass Valley, CA

Awesome! We moved to Sacramento about 1 year ago so we are still trying to learn about our new city. My sister bought my wife and I tickets to this tour. We met Lisa (one of the owners/tour guides) at Cafe Bernardo promptly at 10:30 to start our tour. We went to 6 different restaurants in about 3.5 hours. At each restaurant, we heard from one of the chefs who shared their insights into the food and where it came from and why. It was intriguing listening to how much effort goes into selecting the ingredients for their restaurants. We did get samples (more like entrees) at each restaurant and by the end of the tour, despite walking about 2.5 miles, we were stuffed! Lisa also gave us great little tidbits regarding history of some of the sights along the way - a great way to learn about our city!
Peter C., Carmichael, CA

It is an amazing tour. The history is interesting, the food and wine are wonderful and the tour was small enough, 10 people, to have a great time meeting the other people on the tour.
Goldstar Participant - Tour 5/21/11, Sacramento, CA

There was so much delicious food! The tour included 5 restaurants. The portions were much larger than just a "tasting". We were full by the third restaurant but the food was so good it was easy to keep eating. It helped to have the short walk between restaurants. Bethany was terrific. Very entertaining and informative. The chefs who spoke with us were engaging and offered interesting insights. I only wish we were staying in Sacramento longer. I would have liked to go back to some of the restaurants for dinner. If you're in Sacramento take this tour right away. You'll discover great places to eat for the rest of your stay.
Liz B., Powell Butte, Oregon

We had a great time on our food tour! Ashley, our tour guide, was very knowledgeable about the restaurants we visited, as well as the local history on our walk. We enjoyed interacting with the chef/representative of every place we stopped and learned something from each. We would highly recommend this walking tour and look forward to attending one of the other tours Local Roots offers soon!
Cheryl M, Elk Grove, CA

The tour was great and the places we visited were outstanding. Leslie, our tour guide, was great and lots of fun. We felt very welcomed and all of the establishments and will definitely be visiting them all again. Thanks Leslie for a great time!
Marlene M., Sacramento

Today, my sister-in-law and I went on this tour to celebrate her birthday. Our guide Joelle was GREAT! The restaurants we visited served unbelievably great food and BIG portions. i will go back to every restaurant that we visited on our tour. Joelle filled us in on historical information regarding Sacramento and the restaurants. Even a 30 year local was surprised by some of the history shared!
Stacy s. , Sacramento

Though I have lived in the Sacramento area off and on for over forty years I learned many thing about the town I did not know. I had been to only one of the food stops before but I will be going back. I would bring water if I was going in the midst of a valley summer. Glad to support the local food movement.
Gold Star Member - Food Tour Participant 3/31/11, Rancho Cordova, CA

We were delighted with our food tour today, and our guide Nate was great. Fun and personable. It was amazing to meet the actual chefs of some of the restaurants and have them describe the dishes they made just for us. We also enjoyed the bits of history about some of the buildings we pasted on our walk from one restaurant to another. It was a great tour for tourist or locals like us. We highly recommend it, and will be back ourselves.
Lyn A, Carmichael, CA

“WOW! A culinary delight mixed with a historical overview that would make a Hollywood screenwriter proud.” Go definitely go; put this tour on your list. Treat yourself, get wined and dined for the afternoon and get a top notch historical overview that left me inspired, and best of all there’s NO TEST! Just sit back and enjoy locally grown fresh food, and I mean fresh like right out of the garden fresh, prepared by chefs good enough to cook in the best restaurants that the capital city of the state of California has to offer. Guys and gals both trust me this tour WILL impress you!
J Gardner, Tuscaloosa, AL

Local Roots Food Tour has been the only food tour I have ever been on, and it was an incredible experience, I will definitely be doing it again! I went with my girlfriend for her birthday and had the most amazing time. We went to 4 different restaurants and 2 pastry shops and left full and thrilled! Not only is the food amazing but our tour guide (Bethany) really made the day so much better, after we would visit a local eatery we would walk to the next one and on the way we would stop and she would tell us about the local history about Sacramento that was really interesting! And Im not much for history at all, but it also gave us time to get hungry for the next stop and get in some exercise to burn off some calories. My girlfriend and I went on the City of the Trees tour and Bethany told us that they are making a new tour with all new restaurants and I know we will be going on that one too. At the end of the tour they give you great coupons to the restaurants you just visited as well as more! You should definitely take this tour!!!
Samantha O., Chico, CA - Aug. 2011

I have been on several food tours in So. Ca. so was eager to try this one while on vacation. This was by far the best! Eric was a great guide, very relaxed but full of information. The restaurants provided plenty of food of excellent quality and the owners all were thrilled to describe their culinary talents with us. This was a bargain for 4 hours of fun! You must do this whenever you are near Nevada City!
GS December 2011, Southern CA

My husband and I had the opportunity to take this tour to celebrate his birthday. It was a beautiful day for the tour. We loved all of the historical information we recevied throughout the tour, and enjoyed the wide variety of cuisine including stuffed dates with goat cheese!! Delicious!! From the French to the German to the European... the food was all amazing. Lisa was alot of fun too... and knew her stuff!! The walking, the talking, the was all fabulous. We plan on taking another tour soon, and would highly recommend anyone looking for something fun and different to do, try this!!
Sharon Barton, Reno, NV

Fabulous Tour. Food was excellent, guide was informative and very friendly. I loved the casual tone-- and yet at the same time we met restaurant owners and chefs. The walk itself was easy.I plan to go again and have talked about it to my friends.
P. Jones, Sacramento, CA

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